Saint Anthony’s Health Center – Oncology Campaign

Challenge Saint Anthony’s faced two primary challenges with its Cancer Center:

  • Oncologist Defection: The two primary independent oncologists serving the area moved to the competition’s campus, which resulted in a 40% drop in patient referrals.
  • Outward Migration: It is estimated that a third of the area’s cancer patients travel to St. Louis for outpatient cancer treatment, despite SAHC’s oncology program being ranked in the nation’s top 2%.*

The goal of the campaign was to turn the tide on the loss of patients to other cancer treatment centers. We targeted two primary audiences: individuals making the choice to travel out of market for cancer care and those choosing to stay in market, but receive treatment from the competition.

Solution Supported by Saint Anthony’s faith-based healing ministry, we developed a campaign centered on the idea of hope. Utilizing a mix of traditional and digital media, the objective was to drive healthcare consumers to a microsite,, which featured “Stories of Hope,” emotional videos of three SAHC Cancer Center patients telling their stories in a way that captures their true spirits. Another video introduced future patients to SAHC’s Cancer Care Team and showcased the new facility. In the video, Sister M. Rosalinda explained how Saint Anthony’s faith-based approach sets them apart: “People who have cancer want to go to a place where they are taken care of as a whole person, not just as cancer.”