Saint Anthony’s Health Center – We Believe

The Challenge: SAHC’s goals were to:

  • Grow existing physician volume
  • Fill the patient pipeline for the new ComPAS physicians

One challenge was that the competition (which obviously has doctors, too) is part of the Barnes-Jewish Health System, an entity with a strong and capable reputation. And, the other independent doctors in the River Bend area were perceived as being ‘elite’ throughout the community. The other challenge was that the ComPAS group, although a part of Saint Anthony’s Health System, was not branded Saint Anthony’s, and as such, was not necessarily benefiting from the strong reputation that SAHC had established in the community. In order to encourage consumers to choose ComPAS physicians, we needed to:

  • Promote the growth of the physician network and SAHC’s investment in technology and facilities
  • Continue to differentiate Saint Anthony’s from the competition based on their faithbased ministry of healing

The Solution: As a first step, we recommended that SAHC rename ComPAS to the Saint Anthony’s Physician Group, thereby extending the health system’s brand equity to the physician network. With this change in place, developing a compelling marketing campaign became our focus. As healthcare consumers often begin their search for a new doctor online, we knew that a strong online component would be critical. campaign to promote the network’s new name and physicians, while prioritizing Saint Anthony’s faithbased distinction. The campaign was centered on the message, “We Believe” and featured the physicians and Sisters of Saint Anthony’s.