Optos The Wider Image eNewsletter

Challenge: Optos needed to develop a streamlined means to distribute quarterly touchpoints with trade media editors and other influencers.

Solution: This is where Hult came in and The Wider Image was born – a quarterly eNewsletter that highlights key pieces of clinical evidence validating the efficacy of Optos’ continued advancements with the technology. In each issue, we focus on the clinical, as well as a key opinion leader (practitioner) who speaks to the technology and relates it to his or her own experiences. We also offer the Image Library to encourage the use of optomap images on publication covers and in editorials.

The messaging in each issue of the Wider Image includes…

  • Ongoing advancements with Optos ultra-widefield (UWFÔ) technology vis-à-vis competitive offerings
  • Evidence supporting the importance of the retinal periphery in disease detection and management
  • The expanding role of UWF in the general ophthalmology area
  • And more!