Optos – Consumer Awareness Campaign

Challenge Optos was facing several challenges:

  1. While their business was growing, the majority of eyecare professionals in the U.S. did not offer optomap screenings.
  2. Vision insurance rarely covered optomap screenings. This was a barrier to both doctors, who were hesitant to invest in a non-covered technology, and patients, who did not want to pay out-of-pocket.
  3. Both of the preceding problems were related to the fact that patients were generally unaware of optomap and its benefits.

Optos recognized that, to address these challenges, they needed to reach consumers where they were making eyecare-related decisions—online. But, Optos had little knowledge or experience in the digital marketing arena. That’s where Hult came in.

Solution Hult developed an integrated campaign that combined digital marketing and media relations to generate consumer awareness of optomap. The program was launched in seven beta markets with geo-targeted paid search and display advertising. The ads linked to an interactive landing page (optomapexam.com) featuring stunning visuals that helped educate consumers about retinal health and the benefits of optomap imaging. Each page prompted users to search for an optomap provider.

The consumer media relations component featured compelling doctor-patient success stories in which optomap was an integral part of early disease detection and management. An eMedia kit offering links to the microsite, as well as press releases, closed the loop between the media relations and digital marketing efforts.