Mercy Medical Center – Numbers Campaign

Challenge In May 2012, a local competitor obtained approval for a new Cardiac Catheterization Lab and began aggressively promoting their heart care services as being on par with Mercy. However, Mercy remained the only hospital in the region providing open-heart surgery.

The campaign objective was to have consumers:

  • Recognize Mercy-Dubuque for having the most comprehensive, experienced, and technologically advanced cardiovascular program in the market
  • Understand the importance of openheart capabilities in a comprehensive cardiac program and that Mercy is the ONLY hospital in the region with these capabilities
  • Trust only Mercy for their heart care needs

Solution Utilizing our unique KnowWHOTM process, Hult created an integrated marketing strategy, Stories from the Heart, which included both offline and online components. This testimonial “endorsement” campaign explored the emotions of real Mercy patients whose lives were made whole or saved, thanks to the incomparable experience and compassion found at Mercy-Dubuque. Headlines focused on the numbers associated with Mercy’s program (The 1 and Only Open-Heart Program, Over 57,000 Hearts, A Staff of Over 100 Dedicated to Cardiac Care, Healing Hearts for Over 35 Years). We wanted to focus on the things that Only Mercy can say. All campaign elements drove consumers to a targeted landing page,, which featured patient testimonial videos and access to Mercy Dubuque’s Heart Care site.