Maui Jim – The Sun Still Guides Us

The Challenge: How do we continue to refresh and empower the Maui Jim brand after its most successful year to date as competitors continue to aggressively introduce new sunglass styles to the marketplace?

The Solution: A simple change in venue – Kauai played a big role. With the theme, The Sun Still Guides Us, the photoshoot marched to that same beat. All week, the sun literally dictated when and where we shot – and Kauai was the only island not completely closed to sunshine by storms. When the sun disappeared, things turned interesting. Our staff jumped a wild boar (you’ll have to call us for more details on that), one of our fearless models fought hypothermia under a waterfall (during flash-flood warnings) and then we changed a flat tire on a mountain road. Did we mention we loved every minute of it with our client right by our side? Oh, and we were proud to add to the shoot our clients portrait for the Ad Age Marketing Top 50 Award.