Maui Jim – Pure Maui Jim

Challenge: With an eye toward not losing the connection with the tenured Maui Jim consumer, how do we build traction with a younger demographic with creative that is genuine – that has a truer focus on life’s priorities: slowing down to get back to the basics of life.

Solution: Using athletes and imagery in the Campaign creative that are authentic and resonate with the Maui Jim consumer – and who bring the brand to life in a way that had not been done in the past. Maui Jim garnered conversation through images and messaging that say: ‘Real’ by featuring actual athletes, who also play well into the ‘fashion’ mindset. This original photography was then integrated into the Maui Jim website and in the Catalog, Consumer Brochure and Point-Of-Sale. And, the ‘real’ that Maui Jim continues to portray is the essence of Hawaiian lifestyle – living ‘Aloha.’