Maui Jim – Now That’s Hotdoggin’

The Challenge: How do we add authenticity and increase the depth of relationship potential customers could enjoy with the Maui Jim brand?

The Solution: By continually immersing our team in all-things-Hawaii, we identified key points of distinction that would enrich the brand and resonate with existing and potential customers. We took great care (or Malama Pono) to discover authentic Maui and then portray real stories that enhanced the brands believability and the technological advantages of our patented polarized lens technology. It seems that the people of Maui understood the sun better than anyone else on earth, because at certain times of the year Lahaina, Maui is closer to the sun than anywhere else on earth. Backed by Hawaii’s most interesting athletes, real people identified themselves inside the brand more than ever. The B-to-B catalog was included in the Annual Hardback Creativity Awards.