Kuhl Insurance – Brand Development

The Challenge: How can we differentiate the Kuhl Insurance℠ Brand from their competitors, many of whom tout the same insurance carriers, “the same or better prices,” and “service excellence”?

The Solution: Through our Brand Development and Discovery Process, we unearthed a truly unique Brand story and a plan to empower employees.

Kuhl Insurance needed more than just a new logo and marketing materials – they needed to revamp their internal culture in order to provide a consistent Brand-centered message. As we completed our Brand Discovery work, we identified touchpoints through Momentum Groups, leadership-driven groups that worked together to internalize and own the process.

The final step in the adoption process included an Employee Rally Day, with a presentation outlining the entire process. Employees were shown the redesigned website and marketing materials, including the corporate brochure, internal banners, the K+ Service pledge, and case studies.

Every area of the company was tasked with living the Brand and determining how they could Protect, Advocate and Serve on daily basis.