BioTissue – Website Optimized for Inbound

Challenge: How can we effectively position BioTissue® as the leader in regenerative biologic therapies with Ophthalmologists and Optometrists across the country?

Solution: By building a thought-leadership Inbound Marketing program to leverage clinical study results validating the efficacy of the technology – and supporting that effort with an optimized website focused on conversions.

Third-party clinical study results reflected positive patient outcomes unlike those that had been seen before and positioned key opinion leaders to speak to the technology’s efficacy. The BioTissue website was completely rebuilt and optimized with keyword-rich content to increase organic search value. Access to robust content on the site was set up through an Inbound Marketing model, where site visitor emails would be collected in order to download thought-leadership content – allowing BioTissue to nurture leads through ongoing communication and offers.

Study findings were also pushed out through focused email campaigns. The results were phenomenal, – a 32% email open rate, 50% call-to-action conversion on a white paper download and 99% views of the secondary call-to-action.