Marketing Mix Strategy

Download the Enhancing Your Brand Experience eBook Now!There’s no doubt about it: the marketing mix strategy has significantly evolved from traditional marketing to an Internet-centric approach. Your Brand needs to find a healthy fusion of Inbound and Outbound techniques. And if all of your moving parts aren’t working together, cohesively, your marketing efforts may not have the impact on your bottom line that you hoped for. Hult Marketing believes in a marketing mix that is multi-faceted with a consistent Brand identity and message.

We’ll help you craft an integrated strategy that effectively intertwines both Inbound and Outbound strategies.

Inbound Marketing consists of…

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, blogging and social media

Outbound Marketing consists of…

  • Traditional advertising, public relations, trade shows and media events, direct communication with customers, your sales department, etc.

Lead Generation consists of…

  • Landing pages, content offers, promotions, calls-to-action, marketing automation software, etc.

Measurement and reporting consists of…

  • Analytics, metrics to gauge success and calendaring to monitor and track all integrated marketing efforts

A legendary marketing exec once said, “The tighter the strategy, the better the creative.” It’s an old axiom, but it holds true. Strategy is everything.

Still, a lot of marketing agencies don’t adhere to that principle. How many times have you struggled with online research – only to land empty-handed? Seen an ad and not known what a company is selling? Watched a news interview and cringed at a spokesperson’s comments? So before we put pen to paper, a cohesive strategy must be in place in order to achieve your goals.

Solid strategy = solid marketing = solid results. Case closed.