Hult Case Studies

During the 1870’s, pioneer of marketing and proponent of advertising, John Wanamaker once said, “half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don’t know which half. While that may be the case today for a large number of marketers out there – it is not the case for the clients of Hult Marketing. Measurability driven by optimization is what we deliver to our clients – as is evidenced in our Case Studies. We invite you to take a look and see the many ways in which we’ve helped our own clients maximize their marketing dollars.

Healthcare and Medical Devices

A 7:1 return on digital LASIK investment and for every dollar spent – $1.89 in revenue was returned.

  Challenge: How can we clearly define Illinois Eye Center’s (IEC) differentiation to drive increases in patient volume and revenue while competitively positioning the practice in the marketplace?

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Integrated traditional and digital campaign featuring patient testimonials contributes to a projected patient volume increase of 84%

Challenge: How can we turn the tide on Saint Anthony’s two primary challenges: defection of the two primary, independent oncologists serving the market who moved to the competition’s campus, resulting in a 40% drop in patient referrals – and outward migration of a third of the area’s cancer patients to St. Louis for outpatient treatment?

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Mercy Dubuque Cardiac Numbers Marketing Campaign

Integrated traditional and digital campaign featuring patient testimonials yields robust action rate of 31% for hospital client

Challenge: How can we get consumers to recognize Mercy-Dubuque for having the most comprehensive, experienced, and technologically advanced cardiovascular program in the market; understand the importance of open-heart capabilities in a comprehensive cardiac program; and trust Only Mercy for their heart care needs?

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Optos Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated marketing campaign featuring online advertising and media relations yields 31% increase in provider searches for optical client.

Challenge: How can we introduce consumers to a unique retinal imagine technology that allows eyecare professionals to view 82% of the retina, without dilation, to screen patients for both eye and systemic health issues?

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Saint Anthony's Physician Group Case Study

Effective online marketing, supported by traditional media and a strategic rebranding, results in an increase of nearly 20% in patient volume for a physician group.

Challenge: How can we grow existing physician volume and fill the patient pipeline for physicians added to ComPAS Physician Network – Saint Anthony’s owned physician group?

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Mercy Dubuque Robotic Integrated Marketing Campaign

Integrated traditional and digital campaign elevates perception of hospital client’s technological leadership in market.

Challenge: How do we continue to elevate the perception of Mercy Medical Center as the technological leader in the community through the introduction of robotic-assisted surgery as well as provide consumers in the market a go-to resource where they can learn the patient benefits and seek a robotic-assisted surgeon?

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Insurance company Brand Development results in nearly 95% of employees and agents taking desired action within three days

Challenge: There was a need to rejuvenate the ‘tired’ Pekin Insurance brand and give the company a new voice to differentiate itself in the marketplace. While Pekin had maintained sales successes, the competitive marketplace had expanded to include a much wider scope of key players. This had diminished the value of the independent insurance agent and presented increasing challenges to Pekin’s perception in the marketplace.

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Naeir Brand Developmnet

Rebranding results in a 50% increase in monthly membership acquisitions for non-profit organization.

Challenge: NAEIR originally approached Hult for help with their website. Upon further discussion, it was determined that NAEIR needed to pursue a more aggressive and strategic marketing process overall.

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Illinois State Bar Association Online Marketing Campaign

Effective SEO, combined with a targeted online marketing campaign, yields a 167% increase in lawyer referral calls for Illinois legal association.

Challenge: In the past, traditional media campaigns (outdoor, television and newspaper) had resulted in some success in increasing awareness of ISBA and their consumer-facing website,, but did not help the Association become widely viewed as a resource by the public. Additionally, ISBA members (whose dues pay for the marketing) demanded accountability and campaign performance tracking, which is difficult to provide with traditional media.

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