Speaking Engagements

One of the first questions asked of our clients is this: what do consumers, think, feel and believe when they see your Brand? During one of our speaking engagements, presented as an interactive workshop, we get you thinking about how to discover “who” your business is today, what you do differently – and what you are capable of becoming. We lead you in discussions about the common misconceptions about Brand building – and walk you down a path to lay foundational groundwork, thinking about how you can propel your Brand forward.

During one of our speaking engagements, you garner a snapshot of:

  • How to create a distinctive Brand
  • The difference between Brand Development and Branding – and why that distinction is important to your business
  • Why looking at your competitors when you’re trying to differentiate your Brand is the wrong place to start
  • How to create greater Brand Value – and why it’s important to increasing your valuation and bottom line
  • How to determine which Touchpoints are most effective to drive customer interaction with your Brand

A true Brand Development initiative is about discovering, refining and communicating the truth about who you are – as an organization. So what sets you apart? What connects you with consumers? A solid employee environment – one where every person is serving your stakeholders through the same Brand Lens – drives all of this.

We’re eager to speak to your organization today. We’d be happy to work with you to create a workshop or presentation tailor-made to your organization.

Strong Brands build loyalty, help employee decision-making and add fuel to your bottom line. Ultimately, a strong Brand empowers greater clarity of vision, awareness, reputation and momentum. And, that Brand must be discovered in the C-Suite – with key leadership sitting around the table, including the individual responsible for shaping the organization’s messaging.

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