Jim Flynn, CEO

President and CEO of Hult Marketing

Certified Brand Strategist

Jim Flynn, Hult Marketing CEO & Certified Brand StrategistFrom Integrated Marketing to ROI-focused Inbound Marketing Programs, Jim Flynn leaves no stone unturned in his exploration of modern marketing. His greatest passion and primary focus is Brand Development. The very foundation of all other forms of marketing – Brand Development impacts all other business growth endeavors. Jim believes in the power of discovering the truth that lives within to drive distinction.

As one of only 30 Certified Brand Strategists in North America, Jim is among a small group of marketing and Brand Development professionals to achieve this elite status. With a consulting career spanning three decades, he employs a Brand Development methodology that is fast, efficient and effective. He is skilled in all phases of Brand Discovery, strategic planning, organizational interaction, research and integration of traditional and digital marketing.

Included in the vast perspectives Jim brings to the table are that of serving in leadership roles on a diverse group of boards and steering committees; as well as that of being business owner and CEO. Included in his board experience is the privilege of serving as the board Chairman of Taan Worldwide—a global network of independent marketing communications agencies that operate on every continent.

After 30 plus years experience in B2B and B2C marketing in a variety of industries spanning from healthcare to snack foods to insurance – he is eagerly learning each day. Flynn’s belief is that knowledge is better when shared, so give him a call or shoot him an email at jflynn@hultmarketing.com. Explore our website to find out how Hult Marketing can develop your Brand and provide innovative marketing solutions today.

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