Global Reach

Thinking globally, implementing locally.

Contact Hult Marketing for a Free Consultation Today!So, you’re a client whose products or services have a global reach? Excellent news: so do we.

As a member of Taan Worldwide, we have the resources to carry out your marketing plan throughout the world. In fact, we’ve created campaigns that have debuted in more than 20 countries. That means as we work together to develop your global strategy, we can adapt it to meet local cultural conditions where your customers live. We can tailor operations according to your needs, instead of the oftentimes-rigid structure of multi-national agencies and holding companies.

And by the way, when we say “resources,” we’re not just talking “translators.” We understand the need for transcreation and, sometimes, transliteration for a faithful adaptation of your message. To state the obvious, different countries have different cultures. A headline in the U.S., for instance, may not translate the same way in China. So we work with our affiliates in these other countries to gain an intimate knowledge of those local markets – their cultures and their media. By doing so, your message can be interpreted in a way that not only maintains the integrity of the creative campaign, but best communicates to the culture. And that gets you the biggest bang for your buck. Worldwide.