Jim Flynn

I am excited to announce that after 25 years at the helm of Hult Marketing, Inc., I have made the decision to leave and join the team at ONEFIRE, a modern ROI-based marketing company. Karen Korsgard, Director of Client Services of Hult Marketing, Inc., and other former team members of Hult Marketing, Inc. will also be joining the ONEFIRE family.

My decision to discontinue the operations of Hult Marketing, Inc. on June 30th was well considered. For years, our core team delivered ROI-based marketing results using the latest technologies. ONEFIRE is a modern marketing company born in technology, uniquely suited to identify and leverage the latest tools and strategies that help Brands grow better and create a frictionless customer journey.

The team at ONEFIRE is made up of passionate creatives, builders, strategists and workhorses helping Brands differentiate themselves and reach new heights with proven ROI-based metrics. By joining the ONEFIRE team, I will be stronger and better able to deliver a wider range of measurable results for healthcare, insurance, higher education and other Brands. 

Many have asked if I will continue to publish my weekly blogs Healthcare Brand Growth and Insurance Brand Growth, and the answer is "Yes!". As of July 1, if you wish you will receive this highly acclaimed modern marketing content from myself as a member of the ONEFIRE.com team.

And, as of July 1, you can reach me at jim.flynn@ONEFIRE.com and Karen Korsgard at karen.korsgard@ONEFIRE.com. We both look forward to serving you with the same passion we always shared at Hult Marketing, Inc. to help your Brand differentiate and grow better.